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Our History

Aztec Fence, a well-recognized company, began its initial operations in the late 1940s. Simon A Salas II, a government postal employee, saw a need for a service industry that could serve an English and Spanish demographic. Mr. Salas, at the request of the only fence company during this period, was asked to come on board as a part-time, bilingual salesman. After an uptick and steady demand in the fence business, Mr. Salas made the commitment of pursuing his own fence company, Aztec Fence Company.

While fulfilling his postal career, he managed to multitask and form San Antonio’s first Hispanic-owned fence company. With much diversity and trying experiences, Aztec Fence Company has been able to succeed and grow over the decades. In the year 1954, Aztec Fence formally registered its business in Bexar County. During the late 50s and early 60s, Aztec truly became a family business by integrating all four of his sons as part of the work force. Many nephews and local neighborhood kids also became active with the business during the summer months.

In the late 1980s, Simon A Salas II relinquished all business matters to his eldest son, Simon C Salas III. Simon III, like his father, managed to balance his career in the Civil Service at Kelly Air Force Base and in the Air Force. After his service of more than 32 years Simon concentrated on expanding Aztec Fence alongside his son Larry Salas Sr., also a Civil Service Employee at Kelly. Together they worked expeditiously to always serve their clientele and community.

Finally, in 1998 Larry Salas Jr. took the helm of the company, as the fourth generation Salas to oversee the continued growth of Aztec. Under Larry, Aztec grew even more, and expanded to providing services in the commercial sector, including multiple government agencies. Larry also remained true to the roots of the founding of Aztec, in continuing the service to the local community of the West Side of San Antonio. Built on the foundations of integrity and service, Aztec fence has served the San Antonio community through 4 generations of the Salas family, and will continue to do so, meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of any client in need of service.

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